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Dental Anesthesia

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Photo of couple happy to know they can get dental anesthesia at their Baton Rouge LA dentist

We know that a pleasant dental experience is the cornerstone of building a trust-based relationship with our patients. To ensure your comfort, we have several ways to optimize your experience with us while putting you at ease and allowing you to relax.

High-Strength Numbing Gel

We use high-strength topical gel to numb the gums before an injection, eliminating that initial pinch from the needle. This helps alleviate nervousness you may feel from the sight of a syringe.

Local Anesthetic

We use a powerful local anesthetic that, when combined with our high-strength numbing gel, makes dental procedures painless.

Warmed Anesthetic

We have invested in technology that heats our anesthetic to body temperature, which removes the “cold” feeling often experienced during an injection.

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