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Smiling kid at Baton Rouge LA dentist after losing a tooth

According to The American Dental Association, a child’s first dental exam should happen soon after the first baby tooth comes in or by the time the child turns one year old.

Even though baby’s first teeth are temporary, getting an early start on excellent dental hygiene practices will help your child enjoy good oral health for life.

At Biggio Dental Care, we partner with you in the care and development of your child’s teeth from infancy to adolescence. Fostering trust with children at an early age while helping them develop excellent at-home oral-hygiene habits is our primary goal. We do this through sharing a wealth of educational information with you while performing regular checkups, cleanings, and treatments in our comfortable and fun dental environment.

Starting regular checkups early in your child’s life allow us to catch decay and signs of gum disease before they become serious, so we can correct any underlying hygiene issues and prevent problems. As your child grows, we can provide treatments such as sealants to protect new, vulnerable permanent teeth from decay as well as mouthguards to protect the teeth of your budding sports enthusiast. We can also identify and address potential orthodontic problems before they evolve into bigger money- and time-consuming issues.

To find out more about how early dental exams and checkups at Biggio Dental Care can improve your child’s oral health for years to come, call 225-767-4491 and schedule an appointment today. You can also conveniently request an appointment online.

To ensure that your child is well on the way to enjoying a lifetime of excellent oral health, call 225-767-4491 to schedule your child’s next exam with Dr. Chad Biggio, your Baton Rouge, LA children’s dentist.
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