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5 Common Dental-Hygiene Myths Busted

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26526_Internal_STR-DIG_FBimage-OctNLMythsBusted_02As dental providers, educating our community on best practices for dental hygiene is Biggio Dental Care’s top priority. Despite our best efforts, many myths and misunderstandings on the topic persist. Some seem harmless on the surface, but when your at-home dental routine is affected, your oral health is put at risk. In order to help you protect your pearly whites, Dr. Chad Biggio and the team have taken the time to gather and bust five of the most common dental-hygiene myths we encounter.



Myth: Keeping primary teeth (a.k.a. baby teeth) healthy is unimportant because they eventually fall out anyway.
Reality: Even though primary teeth are temporary, they ensure the proper structure of the mouth by acting as placeholders and guides for permanent teeth. Keeping them healthy is key to enjoying optimal long-term oral health.

Myth: You should brush directly after each meal.
Reality: Brushing right after you eat can be detrimental to your oral health. Chewing releases the acids from food, weakening the enamel on teeth and making them susceptible to damage. Even the softest-bristled brush can harm weakened enamel. The saliva in your mouth neutralizes the acids naturally, so the enamel stays resilient. Wait an hour before brushing to give your saliva time to wash away food and balance the acids.

Myth: Chewing sugar-free gum can take the place of brushing.
Reality: Though chewing sugarless gum between meals is good for removing food particles from teeth and freshening breath, it should not be used as a substitution for brushing. Removing plaque and bacteria from teeth requires a gentle brushing and flossing.

Myth: White teeth are healthy.
Reality: Healthy teeth are not naturally white. In fact, it is normal for natural teeth to have a yellow tint to them. Typically, teeth that are luminous white are a result of at-home or in-office whitening services; their color is not an indication of whether they have cavities.

Myth: You only need to see a dentist when your teeth or gums are bothering you.
Reality: Dental issues typically begin before you experience their signs and symptoms. By visiting your provider twice yearly for a routine cleaning and checkup, you can address issues before they become painful, serious, and expensive. In some cases, you can avoid problems altogether.

Do you have questions about suspect information you’ve received regarding dental-hygiene best practices or services? Call Biggio Dental Care today at 225-767-4491 to get the answers you need and to set up your next appointment.